Wish to Know More about the Window Tinting Laws?

information about auto tinting laws by Al’s Window Tinting

Some people embark a window tinting project due to the reduced sun glare, others prefer privacy or just a cool look. Whatever the reason is, you can take advantage of these services, but you also have to be aware of the laws that come along with them.

  • Tinting aspects.

As a matter of fact, the term ”glass tinting” refers to applying a secure film over automobile glass, residential or commercial windows to reduce the quantity of the light that passes through them. It aims to make your car’s glass free from vandalism and give your interior more privacy. The glass is treated with a special coat that prevents upholstery fading and the UV harmful influence over our skin.

  • Tint laws.

Car tinting is almost always performed under the state regulations and traffic codes. In some states, the darkness of the installed films is limited. For example, in Alabama, the local laws only allow tint to be installed on the upper six inches of the windshield. And it has to be transparent too. The main reason for those regulations is the reduced vision of the driver. If you check your state codes, you will soon find out that there are strict limitations in regards to heat-shrinking window films, the use of shade bands, and other sunscreen devices. The majority of the state laws only permit certain levels of light transmittance and luminous reflectance. So, this means that your glass is only allowed to be tinted to a certain degree so that the amount of the light won’t compromise your vision and the clear road visibility.

If you install a darker tint film and your vehicle doesn’t comply with your state laws, you will be issued a citation, and you will have to pay a fine. Does your vehicle violate any of the local tint regulations? Get in touch with a licensed and insured specialist to find out as soon as possible.

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